I was asked to comment on the effects of Covid-19 this holiday season by a national social media company. I felt as a co-owner of a 3rd generation locally owned family business the topic was too important not to comment on this blog. Shop local has been the definition of small business in America; local business is the local community. Commerce generated stays local. If you have your favorite local business, support it now! Because they may not be here tomorrow. Most local businesses are in the fight of their lives to survive, once they are gone, they are gone forever.

Covid-19 is unprecedented and has caused a upheaval in the US Economy that rivals the Great Depression. The result has advanced the economy by 10 to 15 years. Businesses that were in trouble have now been forced into bankruptcy. Literally 1000s of retail brick and mortar doors and online retailers will be closed in the 4th quarter and the country is caught in a unchecked pandemic.

The unemployment is staggering. With that said, holiday business will likely be back to basics; business done likely will be limited at best. The economy is being totally reset. Consumers will be guarded with their shopping. There will be online business however not everything will be bought online.

Consumers when they come out to shop will try to avoid large retail spaces and their shopping preference will be smaller stores. There are gift items consumers want to see and touch especially for giving. It will have to be safe going into a store, not crowded and a clean shopping environment.

The Holidays will be totally different this year. Less stores. I cannot stress enough, if consumers want their stores to survive and be in business they need to shop local.